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Thank you!

Rising Sun sketch.

Here's what's next!

An email is coming your way any minute, but just in case you're excited and want to get started now (hey - we're excited, too!), check out and get started on the next steps below.

Arrow pointing down to the left.
Arrow pointing straight down.
Arrow pointing down to the right.

1. Activate your account

Sketch of computer screen.

You can activate your Time to Pet Account, and schedule pet sitting visits that way.

2. Schedule a call

Bell, like the kind on a hotel check-in desk

You are now able to schdule a call in order to talk about your pet sitting needs at a time that is convenient for you.  

3. Say hello!

Heart in a conversation bubble with lines above indicating sound.

Please connect with Cozy at Home Pet Sitting on Instagram or facebook, or send an e-mail

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