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2022 Wrap-Up

Thank you so much to everyone who used Cozy at Home Pet Sitting in 2022! It was the busiest year we have had in more than a decade (since 2011). I'm glad to see that people are really starting to travel more after the pandemic, but I hope that everyone is still being careful.

I am also glad to see that more and more of my clients are using Time to Pet. Even if you would rather not pay through Time to Pet, it is still to your advantage to join. You can schedule service and communicate with me through Time to Pet, and you can make sure that you are scheduled for the correct dates and times, or request changes to what you have already scheduled.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the winter weather! I have changed the picture on the cover page of the website in celebration of winter to one I took myself at the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes, a fine place to hike in the winter (but dogs are not allowed on the trails there). If you would rather do something inside the Canton Museum of Art has an exhibit through March 5th called "Thinking with Animals". You can see ceramic sculptures of animals by more than 50 artists! Below is an interesting one. If you want to know why the dog is wearing a blindfold, you will have to go see the exhibit.

Be safe everyone! It is almost groundhog's day, and we will see if winter is over or if we have six more weeks.

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